Sunday, December 21, 2008

,,and now, the photos for which you've all been waiting!

Okay, people have been requesting more photos of our sweet baby Daniel. (In my defense, can I just say that my camera cord was missing for nearly the first two weeks of his life? :) Thanks for letting me deflect blame).
Here are a few! These are all taken within the past week, so they are recent.
I cannot believe he is three weeks old already, WOW! (This time three weeks ago, I was getting ready to start pushing, yikes!!!).

I am ever reminded, DAILY, of God's faithfulness in giving us such a successful, wonderful birth experience. Did I mention that we had a completely unmedicated birth? (NOT bragging, because believe me, I sure gave that epidural some consideration about this time, haha!----but I knew that any interventions that *I* allowed were going to take me one step closer to that Operating Room, and I did NOT want that! The pain was worth it; I'd do it again!). God has been so good! He IS good, all the time, anyway....amen.

So, here are some pictures! :)

Updates on the Shoplifter

Okay, first of all, let me say that I printed the wrong thing in my last post, when I referred you back to Natalie's previous trouble with lying---it wasn't the post I mentioned, it was an incident from last February, and the post was called, "Liar, liar!"---THAT was when she told half the church that her daddy had died and her mommy was pregnant (the month before I was---as one friend said, maybe Natalie is prophetically gifted, HA!).

The trip back to Great Clips was okay. I was a little disappointed that the shop manager didn't make a bigger deal about it, but they were very busy at the time we returned, and she was in the middle of cutting someone's hair, so she probably felt distracted. I did make Natalie pay for the chapstick, and she did not get to keep it, she had to give it to Mommy. There were a bunch of people in the shop, too, and we stepped back from the front (my goal was NOT to humiliate her!), but I'm sure most of them figured out what was happening.

I am not really sure how seriously Natalie took it all. I know that it's "normal" for children to do stuff like this, and test limits, and see how much they can actually get away with....I just want so badly to be sure I am reaching their hearts! :)

Here is a sweet photo of my Natalie and her new baby brother. Aren't they cute? :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

ThE uP aNd DoWn AdVeNtUrE oF pArEnTiNg!!!!

As if lying isn't bad enough (see my post from October entitled "What Day is Today?" ), now my precious, challenging daughter has taken up shoplifting! AArrggghhhh!!!!!!!!

Scott took dear, sweet, I-don't-always-know-what-to-do-with-her Natalie to get her haircut on Friday afternoon. Today is Monday. I was gone this morning to my 2-wk checkup after Daniel's birth (Can you believe that baby is already 15 days old??!!!!), and while I was gone, my hard-working mama was catching up our laundry.

Apparently, she discovered a chapstick in the dryer---thankfully, the lid did NOT come off, but the chapstick was obviously melted, so she put it in the fridge to re-harden. When Scott saw it in the fridge, he questioned aloud why it was there, and to whom did it belong? Natalie claimed it, but from my seat nursing the baby across the room, I did not recognize it as 'ours' (most all of our chapsticks are Carmex, with red lids, and this one was not!). I asked her to let me see it, and then I realized the ugly truth: it had a "Great Clips" logo on it, and I immediately deduced the situation. After much giggling and blushing, Natalie admitted to pocketing the chapstick while she was there on Friday. (Giggling?? GIGGLING??? My daughter steals AND finds it amusing?? GULP!).

Help! This precocious and precious daughter of ours grows ever more challenging. I have already put a call in to the manager at Great Clips, who knows us by name from my monthly trips there with my shaggy brood and our 15 passenger van, HA! I requested that she make a Big Deal out of the situation to dear Natalie Ruth, so she will NOT repeat this behaviour......we will be returning to the shop tomorrow so Natalie can admit her sin, pay for the chapstick, and ask for forgiveness from the manager.

I feel like I take two steps forward and three steps backwards in my parenting of this sweet daughter! I want so badly to channel this bold, adventurous spirit that she has, because I know she is destined to be a leader and a "mover and shaker" in the Kingdom of God.....
Further updates after our trip to Great Clips tomorrow! :) Prayers appreciated!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To GOD be all the Glory!!!

Great things He has done!
WE DID IT!---Our sweet baby boy, Daniel Charles, was born Sunday evening, November 30th, at 5:16 p.m. He weighed 10 lbs 6 oz, and is 21.5 inches long----and he was born WITHOUT surgery, and without any meds!

I could never have done it without the prayers and support of all of you precious friends and family. We came home from the hospital last night.

I will post more details and a full birth story within the next week or so! Feel free to give us a call or stop by and meet Baby Daniel. :)

You can see Daniel's picture at, and enter the password below:

Click here to go to your baby's Newborn Portrait gallery in WebNursery®

****** Here's your Visitor Password: 14461252194423 ******

Let me know if you have any trouble with the link! More detailed birth story soon, right now, I'm tired! :)
GOD IS GOOD, all the time!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

NO MORE volunteers to share your December Birthday, please!

Okay, I have now officially passed up all the November dates of birthdays of friends and family members.
THANK YOU so much for all of you December people stepping up to gallantly volunteer to share your special day---I am still holding out for a November birthday for this child! Sheesh. The 29th or 30th is FINE with me! :)
----and for you who are out of the country until December 21 (you know who you are!), THANKS for commenting that you might not miss the event after all, but I will deal with THAT in person, haha, get your cheek ready. :)
....if I can't have a baby, at least I can have a sense of humor! ha.

Anyone else noticed this?

Has anyone else noticed that on my pregnancy ticker widget, the days to 'count down' are now going back UP??? I noticed this a couple days ago...LOL...this is not a good sign, HAHA. :)

WAITING is worse than labor!

Okay, I was just telling the Lord in the shower that *I* think I have been very patient here!
Honestly, the WAITING and the TRUSTING is always the hardest part, isn't it? This has been a very long journey for me, if you count the entire eleven years of my birthing history, and I have to say that THIS is the hardest part! I think this is tougher than spending 8 hours with double-peaking transition contractions, as I did last time.....

I am so glad that He is faithful.
I am thankful that He gave us this child!
I am so blessed to be a mommy and receive His mercies newly each day, even when I mess up!
I am so tired of waiting to have this baby....OH I mean, I am so grateful that He trusts me to wait and obey.
I am trying to be faithful!
(But today would be a great birthday for a baby, Lord! :) Just let me know!).

Thanks to all who are standing with me and encouraging me!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing to report so far!

Just popping in---or popping OUT, as the case may be!---to say that I AM STILL PREGNANT!
I don't know WHAT made me think this Baby might come early.....has that ever happened to me before? Nope!
At this point, I am avoiding all calendars, and thinking of avoiding the phone, too, HA.
I am just focusing on getting done what needs to be done to be ready for the Baby's arrival, and ready for the upcoming holidays thereafter....which is actually quite nice, because I am DONE with all my Christmas shopping, and most of it is already wrapped, woo hoo! Now THERE'S something to relax about! :)
I'll let you know when there's something to know!
(Praying I won't be in the hospital on Thanksgiving this year, but if so, so be it! God is in charge! ...also sort of starting to wonder if Baby is wanting a December birthday after all?? YIKES!).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy RE-Birth Day to my dear friend!

I just got off the phone with a very dear, precious, special friend of mine, Patti.
I have known her for (gulp!) TWENTY years this fall, and she has been an amazing gift from the Lord. Friends are a treasure that I will NEVER take for granted!

We were blessed to be able to see Patti this past summer while we were in Colorado on vacation. This photo was taken that afternoon.

Patti has always been a support to me, no matter what I was doing or what I was going through. She helped me learn Sign Language when I was in college (she is hard of hearing), and patiently put up with all my attempts to interpret for her, both in college while learning, and in church services over the years. We have had a lot of good times, and shared tears, too--through my divorce, and ups and downs in her life. I had the privilege of praying for years for the salvation of both her mom and dad, and seeing that prayer answered before both of their deaths. God is good!

I am so grateful for my dear friend! Tonight she told me on the phone while we talked that today, November 16th, is her Spiritual Birth-day---the day she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior, WAAAAAAAY back in 1982! (heehee).

Happy RE-Birth Day, my sweet Friend Patti!

Your friendship is a gift to me from Him! I love you!

It's boiling! :) heehee

Okay, so sometimes I guess we just need to TRUST GOD. Period.
He IS good, all the time. Period!

It was confirmed by sono tonight that my dear Baby is HEAD DOWN!
I am sooo relieved and overjoyed and excited!
SOOO grateful to the Lord for His tender mercies.
For 24 hours I have been having much more intense contractions, and now I know it's because Baby's little head is doing its job! :)
THANKS to everyone for your prayers and encouragements and support.
I can't wait to post our successful non-surgical BIRTH story!
Now let's pray for the Lord to start labor this week before Baby gets wiggly again, haha!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Watched Pot Never Boils!!!

Okay, so here I am, still pregnant, and yes, yesterday was the "official" due date (although my charts tell me probably a few more days yet before I hit 40 weeks, but for practical purposes we will follow the Dr.'s little round chart!).

Baby, stubborn as the rest of my children, apparently!, is STILL breech, and does not seem to want to turn head down! We are waiting for that blessed somersault in utero, and meanwhile doing EVERYTHING that has EVER been suggested to get the baby to turn! I have been lying upside down on an ironing board propped on the couch, I have crawled around the house on my hands and knees, I have done pelvic tilts and pelvic rocks, I have visited a homeopathic doctor for a dose of Pulsatilla, I have regularly visited the chiropractor---and of course, more importantly than anything else, we are praying faithfully for the Lord to turn the baby.

I am having a hard time waiting.
I'm being honest here!
I don't like to wait. I don't like not knowing the outcome! I do NOT like the possiblity of another surgery (c-section #5 was not in the plan, Lord!!).
...but He is in control.
I am living on HIS timetable.
I don't always understand what happens in my life, and certainly not WHY, but He's in charge.
Compared to the trials some of my friends are living daily, this is pretty darned insignificant.

No matter what happens, I WILL PRAISE HIM!
HE will receive all the glory!
He gave us this child, and He knew from the onset of my pregnancy how the baby will be born.
I guess I will just have to wait and see!

Thanks to all who are joining us in prayers of faith. I so deeply appreciate your support and encouragement!

Look for more updates soon! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

What day is today???

Okay, I haven't told any stories on Natalie for awhile, so here is a good one!

Today is Monday. The children really look forward to Monday evenings, because they attend Royal Rangers and M-Pact Girls at church on that night each week. (For anyone not familiar with the groups, it is a faith-based alternative to Scouts).

This afternoon, as I watched from the kitchen window, I witnessed a terrible and frightening display of temper from my dear 5 year old daughter. I saw her grab her 4 year old brother by the shirt, pull him closer to herself, and then reach out with two arms extended and shove him to the ground as hard as she could! He hit so hard, his head bounced, and I went flying out the door as fast as my 35 week preggo body could go! (I was soooo relieved they were not standing on the cement patio when she had this outburst!).

I sent her to my room. I was so angry with her, I couldn't even deal with it for a long time! I finally went in and told her to turn off the light and lay on my bed for a nap, until I decided how to handle it. I did tell her that at least part of her discipline would be to miss M-Pact Girls tonight----this caused a whole new outbreak of tears and pleadings!

I really think she thought I would change my mind, but I did not. I bathed her and put her jammies on her before dinner, so she AND the boys would all know I meant business. At dinner, after the boys had left the table, Natalie was still finishing up, and commented about having to miss her class. My mom and Larry were eating with us, and my mom asked her if she remembered why she couldn't go.

Natalie hung her head. "Because I threw Jason down on the ground when we were outside!"

I said, "Natalie, what you did could have seriously hurt your brother! I bet you won't do that again, will you?"
Natalie nodded her head emphatically and said loudly, "Not on Mondays!"

WHERE am I going wrong???? :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The World As Jason Sees It!

Well, Jason (4) has really come out with some humdingers lately! I could probably keep a whole blog busy with just Jason-stories.

About 2 weeks ago, I realized that Jason really does Get It when I talk about good/evil, and how sometimes we do things even though we know it's wrong, because we are human and often make wrong choices. I try to explain to the children that because of Christ's work on the cross, we CAN overcome sinful desires, because Jesus lives in us!

One afternoon, Jason lied to me---for the first time! I was so shocked, and I knew he was lying, but I wanted him to tell me. I asked again, and again he lied when he answered, with a silly grin on his face. Then suddenly, his face changed to a look of sorrow and repentance, and he said, "Mommy, I yied!" (he can't say his 'Ls' yet, they always sound like 'y').

I said, "J, I am so disappointed! Why did you need to lie to Mommy?" We discussed it and dealt with it appropriately, and then, fully expecting an apology, I said, "Jason, do you want to tell Mommy what is in your heart?". I waited for his little voice to say, "I'm sorry!".

He looked up at me with big tears and very seriously said, "HELL is in my heart!".

This was one of the few times in my career as a Mommy that I had to LEAVE THE ROOM because I was trying so hard not to LAUGH!!!! :)

That same evening, when we were ready to pray the blessing over our dinner, the children were debating WHO should say the prayer---since Daddy wasn't home that evening. Rachael (2) said, "Me! Me!" so I agreed that she could pray. We all waited for her baby-talk prayer, which nobody understood, and then Matthew patiently tried to coach her to repeat a prayer. Jason was apparently very hungry, because he blurted out, "Rachael, just say 'oh Dear Jesus can I PLEASE just eat?'!!". Again, we were all cracking up!

This morning, while getting ready for church, Jason looked down at his legs, which are suddenly covered in blond peach fuzz. He looked happily surprised, and said, "Mommy! Look! My legs are growing daddy-skin!". He is sooooo darned cute!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am a little TIRED! haha

It is 9am on Sunday morning.
My hubby is working out of town right now.
Since 6:55 this morning, I have:
Showered myself (yay!).
Encouraged 2 reluctant 10 yr olds into the shower.
Bathed, blow-dried, and dressed 3 preschoolers.
Made oatmeal for 6 people.
Made egg salad, and then made 12 sandwiches (egg salad, pimento cheese, and PBJ) to take to the nursing home immediately after church so we can have lunch with Gramma.
Cleaned up the kitchen!
How can it be that we are not going to be late for church??? :)
What has happened here this morning??

I have learned in the past month of my New Big Van Ownership that I MUST arrive at church at least 20 min early, or I cannot find a parking place from which I can then back out of AFTER church! haha Those big ol' 15 passenger vans are NOT that easy to maneuver, especially when one's church parking lot is full of TREES, ha!

I am tired.
It is 9:05.
YIKES! I knew this was too easy---I guess *I* better get dressed; they might not appreciate the 8 months pregnant woman in the sanctuary in her bathrobe! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

WHAT? No posts since JULY??!!!

Good grief, what kind of a blogger am I, anyway???? I realized today that I couldn't even remember myself what my last post was about, and so I came to my own dear forsaken blog to find out....only to then realize that I have not posted since JULY!!!!!!!

WHERE does the time go, exactly???
I haven't posted since BEFORE our trip to Colorado, before we started our new homeschool year, before Jason's 4th birthday, before my dad's cancer surgery, before Rachael's 2nd birthday, before my dear, dear friends the Duncans in OH tragically lost their oldest child to a drunk driver, before my hubby had the shingles.......I have a lot of catching up to do!---but at least you can see why I haven't been on this computer much recently.....

Please stay tuned for blog updates THIS WEEK! I have a lot to say! :) (SOME things never change!).

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Voice" recognition??? haha

I have a very dear friend, since college, who is hard of hearing. Her name is Patti, and we have kept up with each other regularly in the (gulp!!) TWENTY years we have known each other; 17 years of communication past graduation. Quite an accomplishment!

Patti knows and loves each of my children, and they also love and admire her in return. Currently residing in Colorado, we are all excited that we will get to see her next week on our Big Adventure Out West!

I was talking on the phone to Patti a few nights ago, and Matthew entered the room. Always inquisitive (read: nosy!), Matthew asked, "Who are you talking to, Mom?". He then paused, and said, "Oh, never mind! I know it's Aunt Patti---you are yelling!!".

HAHAHAHA! I shared this story with Patti and she got a big kick out of it! ;)
See you soon, Patti dear! Three days until we are Colorado-bound, woo hoo!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I am such a TECHNODOLT!

Okay, so I tried to update the family picture on my blog, and as you can SEE to your left, I have no idea what I'm doing!! Is there anyone out there amongst my cyber-savvy friends who can help me figure out HOW to configure the photo to fit in that space? My last one looked great! I am sooooo sorry I deleted it, HA! (rolling eyes) Thanks for bearing with me as I figure all this out!

Sibling rivalry, in utero! haha

The children all love it when they can finally start feeling our new baby kick within me. I have been feeling it for a long time, of course, but it's only been in the past few weeks that "outsiders" (outside of my body, haha!) can feel it.

Jason (3) was standing in front of my chair talking to me a few days ago, and I felt the baby moving around. I said, "Jason, put your hand right here! do you feel that?" He said, "yes!". I said, "Do you feel that, too?" and again he said, "Yes!" and then he asked, "What is that, mommy?". With a big excited smile, I anwered, "It's our new baby kicking you!".

Jason said, "Oh." He hesitated a moment, and then asked "Mommy, WHY does our new baby want to kick me??!".

There is just no end to the amusement around here! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Greatest Sacrifice---"Slave" Labor!

I have been very blessed in my life with MANY dear, what I would call "bosom" (if you don't get that reference, go watch "Anne of Green Gables") friends. A few days ago, one of my lifelong friends called me up out of the blue. It was my friend Kim U., whom I have known since we were Jr. High age.

Kim's hubby is in the U.S. Navy (THANK YOU for serving, Carlos!), and they are being re-assigned to a base in Hawaii. She was calling to tell me that on her way there, she and her two boys (ages 6 and 2) had a 4 hour layover at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. She wondered if there was any chance I could drive out to see them?

I was soooo excited! In the past eleven years since Kim married a serviceman, we have only seen each other ONCE since her wedding, and that was last summer ('07) at our Class of 1987 2oth High School reunion!! (We have kept in touch by email and U.S. Mail sporadically, and the occasional phone call over the years when one of us has a baby!). See Kim TWICE in a year's time? OF COURSE I was going to drive to the airport! (It isn't really that far for me, about 30 miles from where we live).

So the children and I got all packed up, drove to the airport, met up with Kim and her boys and had a delightful time, even though we actually had only a little more than an hour to visit! I made muffins, and we took a picnic blanket and juice boxes and activities for the children---we actually attracted QUITE a bit of attention in the airport, haha! (Several passersby inquired if we were a day care center!! HAHA!). It was so fun!

On the way home, the children were wondering why Kim wasn't very excited about moving to Hawaii, which seems like a very exotic and exciting destination to THEM! ;) I was explaining that she was glad to be in a nice place, but Kim felt sad because she knew that she wouldn't be able to return Stateside in the next three years to visit her family, because it is not cheap!

The children wanted to know why she was moving there if she didn't want to go? Then I had to explain that Kim's husband and their whole family were blessing the rest of us because of the sacrifices he makes to serve our country.

I said, "They are re-locating to Hawaii because that is their new assignment for the next three years".

Natalie was indignant! she said, "What?! Is he a slave??".

HA! (Out of the mouths of babes!). Yes, Natalie, it's something like that.
God bless our U.S. Servicemen and their families, all over the world!

If you come to visit, lock up your toothbrush!

Patrick and Matthew arrived home, after being gone for a month, on June 29th. Please keep in mind that yesterday was July ELEVENTH as you read this story. That means TWELVE days had elapsed since the boys came home. This fact will bear more relevance as you read this story!
As we were getting ready to leave the house yesterday, I was under the usual pressure of trying to get six people completely cleaned, dressed, combed, and appropriately ready to face the rest of the world. The older boys had helped me by brushing the teeth of the younger ones, and I had already reminded Matthew and Patrick several times to brush their OWN teeth. I was in the hall bathroom curling my hair, when Patrick finally came in to brush his teeth.

He looked at the toothbrush holder, and wanted to know WHERE his toothbrush had gone. I suddenly remembered that several WEEKS ago, while they were away, I had thrown away ALL the toothbrushes, which I do every other month or so, in the interests of hygiene. I always have a large supply of brand new, spare toothbrushes under the sink.

I stopped what I was doing and stared at Patrick as this realization hit me.
"Son, " I asked, "Your toothbrush has been gone a long time! What have you been using to brush your teeth the past two weeks???"

He innocently pointed at the tall purple toothbrush in the cup, the ONLY adult toothbrush in there (do you see where this is headed??). He said, "I've been using that one!".

I swallowed and tried to be calm. For some reason, when I am pregnant, the oddest things can gag me unexpectedly, and I could feel that reflex happening in my throat! "Patrick, that is MOMMY'S toothbrush. Have you been using it the whole time you've been home???" He nodded. I continued, "WHY did you not ask me for another toothbrush? You know I always have lots of new toothbrushes!!" I was so completely grossed out, *I* was trying not to whine!

Patrick shrugged. "I didn't want to bother you, and I never thought of it unless I was trying to hurry up and get ready to go somewhere, or get in bed!".

Matthew was in the doorway by this time. I looked at him. "What have YOU been using to brush your teeth??" He grinned and answered "Mouthwash!".

I give up!!! I'm calling the dentist to see if I can have my mouth disinfected on Monday. :)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Funny Money!!!

This evening, I was preparing to change Rachael's diaper. As I begin to "unwrap" her, I chuckled to myself. My mom's husband, Larry, was in the kitchen.

"Lar, come here and look quick!" I said. He came right over, and I pulled down the top of Rachael's diaper to reveal the "hidden treasure"----a shiny quarter pressed down into her abdomen, just below her belly button, under the diaper! "That's her latest trick," I explained. "She's been putting coins in her diaper all week."

He laughed, too, and said immediately "Now THAT'S what I call a 'private investor'!".

Friday, May 2, 2008

All the news that's fit to print!!!

Several people---thanks, Lord, that I am truly blessed with people who care and are interested about me!----have inquired about my birth plans, provider plans, etc over the past few weeks since I announced my pregnancy. I decided that rather than trying to type so many emails (at least ten or more!!!), I would just "group update", haha. Please do feel free to email me back if you have another question or need clarification!!

For those who don't know, a bit of background:
I have had FOUR (unnecessary!) c/sections.
First one, twin preg, 39 weeks, out of ignorance was induced on an unfavorable cervix, resulted in c/s.
Second one, again young and ignorant!!!, had a repeat c/s because doc said 'that's what you do!"
Third pregnancy, attempted hospital VBAC, but went in too early (4 cm), and was strapped to a bed and bullied into MANY interventions, resulted in ANOTHER c/s after reaching 8cm!
Fourth preg, saw my OB the whole preg (she refused me any kind of TOL), also hired a midwife, planned a lovely homebirth, and ALMOST succeeded!!! Got "stuck" at 9cm for 8 hours, completely exhausted, requested transfer, poor hubby didn't know what to do! Off we went to the hospital, doc (not MY doc) was FURIOUS, wouldn't let me finish my labor, boom---c/s!

It has been a difficult journey, and in many ways continues to be!!!
After much prayer and consideration and consulting with MANY trusted birth professionals (mostly midwives, but also a doc!) here is our plan:

I am seeing Dr. Frederick Cummings in Denton for my prenatal care. He is very "old school", and really avoids cutting women unless TRULY necessary. He will deliver many types of unusual circumstances (all breeches, twin VBAC, VBAMC etc etc). I went to see him mainly to get his "professional " opinion about my chances/wisdom in VBACing, and he is amazing! He was truly grieved over ALL of my c/s after I explained them to him and gave him all my operative reports; he really LISTENED to us (hubby went with me). He did NOT make me feel patronized, or treat me as if "the little woman THINKS she has done some research" KWIM??

Dr. C assured us that regardless of who is on call, HE will be the doc who comes in to stay there with me for the duration of my labor. He assured me that he is willing to wait it out if I get stuck. He assured me that I will be allowed to move around, with periodic montitoring only, and can birth in whatever position I like! etc etc

He was highly recommended to me by more than one midwife, and more than one fellow birthing woman!
Hubby and I decided prayerfully that, since I have had no previous vag births, it would be prudent after 4 c/s for us to birth in the hospital, since the conditions seem rare and ideal! (Okay, so we have to drive 50 miles, no big deal, HAHA!).

The Lord further confirmed it by allowing my dear friend and midwife from my last birth to offer to come back to Texas for several weeks to "wait it out" with me until labor, and then be with me at home until my labor has progressed well (6-7 cm) before going with me to the hospital in a doula role! That is so reassuring, too, because *IF* things go faster than we expect based on the past, I know she is well-qualifed to help in VBAC births, and can certainly help me birth, even if its on the way to the hospital, haha!
SOOOOO, that is my update in a LONG nutshell!
I feel great, I am starting my 2nd trimester already, and very excited about the birth! Saw a sonogram this week on Monday, and baby was very busy and active and actually appeared to wave at us, ha!
THANK YOU to all of you supportive friends who believe in me and pray for me and have asked how things are going!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

God's design is the BEST one!

As a mommy of FIVE children, isn't it WEIRD to think that *I* have never seen a baby born in real life????

Well, that was true until YESTERDAY!
My very dear friend Christine had invited me several months ago to attend her birth. She phoned me EARLY Friday morning to announce labor had begun! She usually has fast labors, like 3-4 hrs, so I went flying out to her house (75-80 miles away!) at 3:20 am---I sped the whole way there, and I have NEVER done that in my life! I arrived at 4 am on the dot, hoping I had not missed it.....
...and then my fast-laboring friend proceeded to have a 14 hour long labor, HA! (I could have roller bladed out there, ha!).

She birthed her beautiful 9 lb baby boy in her big bathtub yesterday afternoon at 4:14 pm.
I am still so moved by the experience, I don't have the words yet to express it all.
I saw a baby come out the intended exit, in real life! It was amazing.

Welcome to the world, Baby Aiden!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy 7th Anniversary to Us!

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary! In many ways, it seems like it should be much, much longer---although not because we're miserable, LOL! Mainly because Scott and I have known each other for over 20 years, so sometimes it seems odd that we have only been husband and wife for seven short years!

It's true what they say, marriage is not to make you happy, but to make you holy!...but I'm thankful to report that we are also very happy indeed! Scott and I went through some pretty rough turbulence; not the kind you end a marriage over, but just the kind that makes you think you will never have the true intimacy you so deeply desire. It was difficult! The Lord is so faithful when His children cry out to Him---He (I wanted to say 'finally' here, but decided that it was HIS perfect timing and His will, so it was only human-me who was rolling my eyes and saying, "FINALLY, Lord!!", haha) gave us a major breakthrough a few months ago at Christmastime.

The past few months brought so much growth in our relationship! It really feels like we are on our honeymoon all over again. He is so good!

I just wanted to post and tell the world how much I love my husband! I wanted to try to find a photo of us from the late eighties, just to make you all chuckle, but I'll save that story and photo for another post sometimes! ;)

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Bartholomew! I love you forever!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who loves a RIDDLE???

Hey ya'll!
---really quick, here's a riddle I sent to Scott last week:

What do the following sentences have in common?

The glass balanced precariously on the edge of the table
A mangy dog slunk down the alley looking for scraps of food
The two political candidates were in a dead heat in their race for the nomination
Yesterday was the first day the old man felt like himself after his illness

The social and economic climate in the nation gave many people unrest
Each child received a small gift for attending the birthday party

They have no periods! (Me neither!)
---and there's TWO BLUE LINES!!!! (Wow! Me too!!!)
get it?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Liar, liar!!!

Have you ever just wanted to DIE of embarassment??
I don't think I can EVER step foot in our (relatively new) church home again!

We have recently become members at a new church home. We love it! We are really enjoying getting to know people there, and becoming part of the church family. We have been very welcomed, and feel right at home. The children are also happy about having some wonderful, Godly activities in which to participate.

Tonight, my mom went in my place to pick up Patrick, Natalie, and Jason from Royal Rangers and Missionettes. Rachael was fussy, trying to break two new molars through tonight, and I stayed home to nurse her and try to calm her into sleep. Matthew had also stayed home with me, but that's another blog post. :)

When Mom returned with the children, the first thing she said was, "You are not going to believe what your daughter did tonight!" This is not exactly what every mom wants to hear! I asked her, "Am I going to be able to go back to church on Sunday?", and then my next thought was "I wonder how much this is going to cost us??"

Mom said that my friend A. had pulled her aside as soon as she arrived to pick up the children. With a look of deep concern, A. said, "WHAT happened to Natalie's daddy???"
My mother said "I beg your pardon?"
Apparently, during the opening prayer time in Missionettes, while they were taking prayer requests, Natalie announced to everyone present that her father had died on Friday!!!!!!!!!!
let me just type a few more of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry! We are having such trouble with dear Natalie's truthfulness---or complete LACK thereof! It really *IS* quite funnny, but I did NOT want to laugh in front of all the kids, and trivialize what she had done. The other half of me wanted to bawl, because I feel so discouraged in dealing with this; I really don't know what to do next!

I gravely told Natalie to go get her pajamas on, that this was Very Serious, so serious that I needed to talk to Daddy so we could pray and then decided how to discipline this misbehavior.

Here's another small chuckle: when I was tucking her into bed, and reminding her that she would indeed receive discipline tomorrow for this monstrous fib, Natalie said, "Mommy, I'm sorry I told that lie! I"m sorry I said that about Daddy. I told them my daddy died and that you have a new baby, too!"

Great. So now I am a PREGNANT widow!
Sheesh Louise!!!
(Not pregnant that I know of, haha!).

Smellin' like a rose!

Just a quick update on the hair saga----I washed it really thoroughly with my Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo, and then I rinsed it with white vinegar, and then rinsed it again with warm water. It smells fine now! WHEW!.....although I do keep getting whiffs of 'eau de pickle', HAHAHA!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sounds like a personal problem to me!

Okay, this is a weird topic. This has certainly never happened to ME before.....

....I think my hair is mildewy! EEEWWW! I am serious here! I cannot figure it out...

I did hear of this happening to a missionary friend previously----she had really thick, curly hair, and she lived in the tropics, for crying out loud! Right now it is forty degrees in the Lone Star State. Sheesh!

I am in a "long hair" season right now. You know what I mean---every few years, I grow my hair out, then after a couple years I get tired of it and bored, or I think I look frumpy, so I cut it off again so I can feel sleek and chic for awhile.....and then I get bored with only being able to wear it ONE way, so I grow it again......etc etc etc etc. You know the drill!!

Right now my hair is actually probably longer than it has been in quite some time. A week or so ago, I noticed a strange smell one day when I let my ponytail down. I had washed it that morning, blowdried it mostly-dry, and put it up out of my face. That night, I felt like it smelled strange when it fell towards my face when I let the ponytail down.

I asked Scott to smell my hair. Mistake number one! This man LOVES the way my hair smells when I return home from having it chemically worked on at the salon, okay? He did not notice any odd smells.....but *I* still did several days later!

Today, the same thing happened again! I dried it mostly-dry, put half of it up in a barrette, and went about my day. In the afternoon, I took the clip out, SAME THING! I asked my mom and Larry to smell it, and let's just say my mom was a bit over-the-top in her melodramatic reaction.

My hair is mildewed.
Anyone have any suggestions???
This really stinks!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's Quote

Okay, here's a great chuckle to start off your morning!

I was reading another blog this morning, another homeschooling mom, and her blog offered a chance to win a copy of the "Grammar Key" software. I was just pondering how best to instruct my two young men about the intricacies of grammar yesterday, so I was thrilled to see this contest---giving away 25 copies! (Guess that's a good chance, huh?).

The twins entered the room and asked what I was doing---I told 'em.
Patrick said, "What's 'grammar'?"

.....and Matthew answered, "It's the opposite of 'redneck'!"

(I don't think I need to make ANY more editorial comment on THAT one!! snort!).