Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's Quote

Okay, here's a great chuckle to start off your morning!

I was reading another blog this morning, another homeschooling mom, and her blog offered a chance to win a copy of the "Grammar Key" software. I was just pondering how best to instruct my two young men about the intricacies of grammar yesterday, so I was thrilled to see this contest---giving away 25 copies! (Guess that's a good chance, huh?).

The twins entered the room and asked what I was doing---I told 'em.
Patrick said, "What's 'grammar'?"

.....and Matthew answered, "It's the opposite of 'redneck'!"

(I don't think I need to make ANY more editorial comment on THAT one!! snort!).


mamazee said...

hee hee! you got boys that THINK, Tanya!
sure miss you... post more!
stephanie in canada

Dori said...

Sounds like Matthew knows what he's talking about!