Monday, February 18, 2008

Liar, liar!!!

Have you ever just wanted to DIE of embarassment??
I don't think I can EVER step foot in our (relatively new) church home again!

We have recently become members at a new church home. We love it! We are really enjoying getting to know people there, and becoming part of the church family. We have been very welcomed, and feel right at home. The children are also happy about having some wonderful, Godly activities in which to participate.

Tonight, my mom went in my place to pick up Patrick, Natalie, and Jason from Royal Rangers and Missionettes. Rachael was fussy, trying to break two new molars through tonight, and I stayed home to nurse her and try to calm her into sleep. Matthew had also stayed home with me, but that's another blog post. :)

When Mom returned with the children, the first thing she said was, "You are not going to believe what your daughter did tonight!" This is not exactly what every mom wants to hear! I asked her, "Am I going to be able to go back to church on Sunday?", and then my next thought was "I wonder how much this is going to cost us??"

Mom said that my friend A. had pulled her aside as soon as she arrived to pick up the children. With a look of deep concern, A. said, "WHAT happened to Natalie's daddy???"
My mother said "I beg your pardon?"
Apparently, during the opening prayer time in Missionettes, while they were taking prayer requests, Natalie announced to everyone present that her father had died on Friday!!!!!!!!!!
let me just type a few more of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry! We are having such trouble with dear Natalie's truthfulness---or complete LACK thereof! It really *IS* quite funnny, but I did NOT want to laugh in front of all the kids, and trivialize what she had done. The other half of me wanted to bawl, because I feel so discouraged in dealing with this; I really don't know what to do next!

I gravely told Natalie to go get her pajamas on, that this was Very Serious, so serious that I needed to talk to Daddy so we could pray and then decided how to discipline this misbehavior.

Here's another small chuckle: when I was tucking her into bed, and reminding her that she would indeed receive discipline tomorrow for this monstrous fib, Natalie said, "Mommy, I'm sorry I told that lie! I"m sorry I said that about Daddy. I told them my daddy died and that you have a new baby, too!"

Great. So now I am a PREGNANT widow!
Sheesh Louise!!!
(Not pregnant that I know of, haha!).

Smellin' like a rose!

Just a quick update on the hair saga----I washed it really thoroughly with my Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo, and then I rinsed it with white vinegar, and then rinsed it again with warm water. It smells fine now! WHEW!.....although I do keep getting whiffs of 'eau de pickle', HAHAHA!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sounds like a personal problem to me!

Okay, this is a weird topic. This has certainly never happened to ME before.....

....I think my hair is mildewy! EEEWWW! I am serious here! I cannot figure it out...

I did hear of this happening to a missionary friend previously----she had really thick, curly hair, and she lived in the tropics, for crying out loud! Right now it is forty degrees in the Lone Star State. Sheesh!

I am in a "long hair" season right now. You know what I mean---every few years, I grow my hair out, then after a couple years I get tired of it and bored, or I think I look frumpy, so I cut it off again so I can feel sleek and chic for awhile.....and then I get bored with only being able to wear it ONE way, so I grow it again......etc etc etc etc. You know the drill!!

Right now my hair is actually probably longer than it has been in quite some time. A week or so ago, I noticed a strange smell one day when I let my ponytail down. I had washed it that morning, blowdried it mostly-dry, and put it up out of my face. That night, I felt like it smelled strange when it fell towards my face when I let the ponytail down.

I asked Scott to smell my hair. Mistake number one! This man LOVES the way my hair smells when I return home from having it chemically worked on at the salon, okay? He did not notice any odd smells.....but *I* still did several days later!

Today, the same thing happened again! I dried it mostly-dry, put half of it up in a barrette, and went about my day. In the afternoon, I took the clip out, SAME THING! I asked my mom and Larry to smell it, and let's just say my mom was a bit over-the-top in her melodramatic reaction.

My hair is mildewed.
Anyone have any suggestions???
This really stinks!