Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sounds like a personal problem to me!

Okay, this is a weird topic. This has certainly never happened to ME before.....

....I think my hair is mildewy! EEEWWW! I am serious here! I cannot figure it out...

I did hear of this happening to a missionary friend previously----she had really thick, curly hair, and she lived in the tropics, for crying out loud! Right now it is forty degrees in the Lone Star State. Sheesh!

I am in a "long hair" season right now. You know what I mean---every few years, I grow my hair out, then after a couple years I get tired of it and bored, or I think I look frumpy, so I cut it off again so I can feel sleek and chic for awhile.....and then I get bored with only being able to wear it ONE way, so I grow it again......etc etc etc etc. You know the drill!!

Right now my hair is actually probably longer than it has been in quite some time. A week or so ago, I noticed a strange smell one day when I let my ponytail down. I had washed it that morning, blowdried it mostly-dry, and put it up out of my face. That night, I felt like it smelled strange when it fell towards my face when I let the ponytail down.

I asked Scott to smell my hair. Mistake number one! This man LOVES the way my hair smells when I return home from having it chemically worked on at the salon, okay? He did not notice any odd smells.....but *I* still did several days later!

Today, the same thing happened again! I dried it mostly-dry, put half of it up in a barrette, and went about my day. In the afternoon, I took the clip out, SAME THING! I asked my mom and Larry to smell it, and let's just say my mom was a bit over-the-top in her melodramatic reaction.

My hair is mildewed.
Anyone have any suggestions???
This really stinks!


ShaggaBear said...

no suggestions...but I have heard of that happening. I don't think it's mildew. Just "sour." Hopefully it will go away soon.

NaomiLynne said...

long hair season- that is the perfect way to describe it for me too- i thought about cutting it off just yesterday! interesting about the smell issue.... no idea what to do...