Monday, October 13, 2008

What day is today???

Okay, I haven't told any stories on Natalie for awhile, so here is a good one!

Today is Monday. The children really look forward to Monday evenings, because they attend Royal Rangers and M-Pact Girls at church on that night each week. (For anyone not familiar with the groups, it is a faith-based alternative to Scouts).

This afternoon, as I watched from the kitchen window, I witnessed a terrible and frightening display of temper from my dear 5 year old daughter. I saw her grab her 4 year old brother by the shirt, pull him closer to herself, and then reach out with two arms extended and shove him to the ground as hard as she could! He hit so hard, his head bounced, and I went flying out the door as fast as my 35 week preggo body could go! (I was soooo relieved they were not standing on the cement patio when she had this outburst!).

I sent her to my room. I was so angry with her, I couldn't even deal with it for a long time! I finally went in and told her to turn off the light and lay on my bed for a nap, until I decided how to handle it. I did tell her that at least part of her discipline would be to miss M-Pact Girls tonight----this caused a whole new outbreak of tears and pleadings!

I really think she thought I would change my mind, but I did not. I bathed her and put her jammies on her before dinner, so she AND the boys would all know I meant business. At dinner, after the boys had left the table, Natalie was still finishing up, and commented about having to miss her class. My mom and Larry were eating with us, and my mom asked her if she remembered why she couldn't go.

Natalie hung her head. "Because I threw Jason down on the ground when we were outside!"

I said, "Natalie, what you did could have seriously hurt your brother! I bet you won't do that again, will you?"
Natalie nodded her head emphatically and said loudly, "Not on Mondays!"

WHERE am I going wrong???? :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The World As Jason Sees It!

Well, Jason (4) has really come out with some humdingers lately! I could probably keep a whole blog busy with just Jason-stories.

About 2 weeks ago, I realized that Jason really does Get It when I talk about good/evil, and how sometimes we do things even though we know it's wrong, because we are human and often make wrong choices. I try to explain to the children that because of Christ's work on the cross, we CAN overcome sinful desires, because Jesus lives in us!

One afternoon, Jason lied to me---for the first time! I was so shocked, and I knew he was lying, but I wanted him to tell me. I asked again, and again he lied when he answered, with a silly grin on his face. Then suddenly, his face changed to a look of sorrow and repentance, and he said, "Mommy, I yied!" (he can't say his 'Ls' yet, they always sound like 'y').

I said, "J, I am so disappointed! Why did you need to lie to Mommy?" We discussed it and dealt with it appropriately, and then, fully expecting an apology, I said, "Jason, do you want to tell Mommy what is in your heart?". I waited for his little voice to say, "I'm sorry!".

He looked up at me with big tears and very seriously said, "HELL is in my heart!".

This was one of the few times in my career as a Mommy that I had to LEAVE THE ROOM because I was trying so hard not to LAUGH!!!! :)

That same evening, when we were ready to pray the blessing over our dinner, the children were debating WHO should say the prayer---since Daddy wasn't home that evening. Rachael (2) said, "Me! Me!" so I agreed that she could pray. We all waited for her baby-talk prayer, which nobody understood, and then Matthew patiently tried to coach her to repeat a prayer. Jason was apparently very hungry, because he blurted out, "Rachael, just say 'oh Dear Jesus can I PLEASE just eat?'!!". Again, we were all cracking up!

This morning, while getting ready for church, Jason looked down at his legs, which are suddenly covered in blond peach fuzz. He looked happily surprised, and said, "Mommy! Look! My legs are growing daddy-skin!". He is sooooo darned cute!