Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am a little TIRED! haha

It is 9am on Sunday morning.
My hubby is working out of town right now.
Since 6:55 this morning, I have:
Showered myself (yay!).
Encouraged 2 reluctant 10 yr olds into the shower.
Bathed, blow-dried, and dressed 3 preschoolers.
Made oatmeal for 6 people.
Made egg salad, and then made 12 sandwiches (egg salad, pimento cheese, and PBJ) to take to the nursing home immediately after church so we can have lunch with Gramma.
Cleaned up the kitchen!
How can it be that we are not going to be late for church??? :)
What has happened here this morning??

I have learned in the past month of my New Big Van Ownership that I MUST arrive at church at least 20 min early, or I cannot find a parking place from which I can then back out of AFTER church! haha Those big ol' 15 passenger vans are NOT that easy to maneuver, especially when one's church parking lot is full of TREES, ha!

I am tired.
It is 9:05.
YIKES! I knew this was too easy---I guess *I* better get dressed; they might not appreciate the 8 months pregnant woman in the sanctuary in her bathrobe! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

WHAT? No posts since JULY??!!!

Good grief, what kind of a blogger am I, anyway???? I realized today that I couldn't even remember myself what my last post was about, and so I came to my own dear forsaken blog to find out....only to then realize that I have not posted since JULY!!!!!!!

WHERE does the time go, exactly???
I haven't posted since BEFORE our trip to Colorado, before we started our new homeschool year, before Jason's 4th birthday, before my dad's cancer surgery, before Rachael's 2nd birthday, before my dear, dear friends the Duncans in OH tragically lost their oldest child to a drunk driver, before my hubby had the shingles.......I have a lot of catching up to do!---but at least you can see why I haven't been on this computer much recently.....

Please stay tuned for blog updates THIS WEEK! I have a lot to say! :) (SOME things never change!).