Saturday, April 26, 2008

God's design is the BEST one!

As a mommy of FIVE children, isn't it WEIRD to think that *I* have never seen a baby born in real life????

Well, that was true until YESTERDAY!
My very dear friend Christine had invited me several months ago to attend her birth. She phoned me EARLY Friday morning to announce labor had begun! She usually has fast labors, like 3-4 hrs, so I went flying out to her house (75-80 miles away!) at 3:20 am---I sped the whole way there, and I have NEVER done that in my life! I arrived at 4 am on the dot, hoping I had not missed it.....
...and then my fast-laboring friend proceeded to have a 14 hour long labor, HA! (I could have roller bladed out there, ha!).

She birthed her beautiful 9 lb baby boy in her big bathtub yesterday afternoon at 4:14 pm.
I am still so moved by the experience, I don't have the words yet to express it all.
I saw a baby come out the intended exit, in real life! It was amazing.

Welcome to the world, Baby Aiden!