Saturday, May 31, 2008

Funny Money!!!

This evening, I was preparing to change Rachael's diaper. As I begin to "unwrap" her, I chuckled to myself. My mom's husband, Larry, was in the kitchen.

"Lar, come here and look quick!" I said. He came right over, and I pulled down the top of Rachael's diaper to reveal the "hidden treasure"----a shiny quarter pressed down into her abdomen, just below her belly button, under the diaper! "That's her latest trick," I explained. "She's been putting coins in her diaper all week."

He laughed, too, and said immediately "Now THAT'S what I call a 'private investor'!".

Friday, May 2, 2008

All the news that's fit to print!!!

Several people---thanks, Lord, that I am truly blessed with people who care and are interested about me!----have inquired about my birth plans, provider plans, etc over the past few weeks since I announced my pregnancy. I decided that rather than trying to type so many emails (at least ten or more!!!), I would just "group update", haha. Please do feel free to email me back if you have another question or need clarification!!

For those who don't know, a bit of background:
I have had FOUR (unnecessary!) c/sections.
First one, twin preg, 39 weeks, out of ignorance was induced on an unfavorable cervix, resulted in c/s.
Second one, again young and ignorant!!!, had a repeat c/s because doc said 'that's what you do!"
Third pregnancy, attempted hospital VBAC, but went in too early (4 cm), and was strapped to a bed and bullied into MANY interventions, resulted in ANOTHER c/s after reaching 8cm!
Fourth preg, saw my OB the whole preg (she refused me any kind of TOL), also hired a midwife, planned a lovely homebirth, and ALMOST succeeded!!! Got "stuck" at 9cm for 8 hours, completely exhausted, requested transfer, poor hubby didn't know what to do! Off we went to the hospital, doc (not MY doc) was FURIOUS, wouldn't let me finish my labor, boom---c/s!

It has been a difficult journey, and in many ways continues to be!!!
After much prayer and consideration and consulting with MANY trusted birth professionals (mostly midwives, but also a doc!) here is our plan:

I am seeing Dr. Frederick Cummings in Denton for my prenatal care. He is very "old school", and really avoids cutting women unless TRULY necessary. He will deliver many types of unusual circumstances (all breeches, twin VBAC, VBAMC etc etc). I went to see him mainly to get his "professional " opinion about my chances/wisdom in VBACing, and he is amazing! He was truly grieved over ALL of my c/s after I explained them to him and gave him all my operative reports; he really LISTENED to us (hubby went with me). He did NOT make me feel patronized, or treat me as if "the little woman THINKS she has done some research" KWIM??

Dr. C assured us that regardless of who is on call, HE will be the doc who comes in to stay there with me for the duration of my labor. He assured me that he is willing to wait it out if I get stuck. He assured me that I will be allowed to move around, with periodic montitoring only, and can birth in whatever position I like! etc etc

He was highly recommended to me by more than one midwife, and more than one fellow birthing woman!
Hubby and I decided prayerfully that, since I have had no previous vag births, it would be prudent after 4 c/s for us to birth in the hospital, since the conditions seem rare and ideal! (Okay, so we have to drive 50 miles, no big deal, HAHA!).

The Lord further confirmed it by allowing my dear friend and midwife from my last birth to offer to come back to Texas for several weeks to "wait it out" with me until labor, and then be with me at home until my labor has progressed well (6-7 cm) before going with me to the hospital in a doula role! That is so reassuring, too, because *IF* things go faster than we expect based on the past, I know she is well-qualifed to help in VBAC births, and can certainly help me birth, even if its on the way to the hospital, haha!
SOOOOO, that is my update in a LONG nutshell!
I feel great, I am starting my 2nd trimester already, and very excited about the birth! Saw a sonogram this week on Monday, and baby was very busy and active and actually appeared to wave at us, ha!
THANK YOU to all of you supportive friends who believe in me and pray for me and have asked how things are going!