Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hmmm.....COOL birthdate!

After I posted that last entry, I realized that today's date is "1-11-11", which would actually be a very cool birthdate to have!.....but since Marite IS making the effort to come out here for the birth, I guess I can at least hang on a couple more days......ha! ;)


Well, here I am just a few days away from my "guess date" for my 7th child. WOW! I am still rolling that around on my tongue, "mommy of SEVEN", oh my goodness! I feel soooo blessed; as I was growing up, I seriously projected my goal of having a dozen children.....I guess as an adult I didn't REALLY think I would attain that, but now I am starting to believe that maybe the Lord will get the last laugh! :D

Of course, usually near the end of a pregnancy I have moments of PANIC realizing all that still needs to be taken care of in preparation for a new little one, and a few weeks of upside-down schedules for our normally well-planned-out lifestyle.....I have been frantically tackling the "piles" and "projects" that have sat around and collected dust since Daniel was born 2 years ago! My mom has been helping me---she even cleared off my entire desktop, and if you have ever been to my house, you KNOW how HUGE that is! ;)

Jason (6) saw Scott bringing in my suitcase so I can prepare for my eventual trip to Labor & Delivery....he said, "Mommy, are you going somewhere?". I said, "Yes, honey, I am going to the hospital to have a baby!". Jason looked shocked---I imagine after so many months of asking "When?" and being told "After Christmas, in January, after Natalie's birthday..." he had given up on there ACTUALLY being a new baby!

Soooo, here I sit, TOTALLY ALONE in my house, probably for the last time for a long while! Scott has taken Tuesdays as his day off for a few weeks, until after I have the baby and get back on my feet, so he can take the children to our homeschool co-op for me (Tues. is our crazy-busy day of the week, and really wears me out at this point in my largeness!).

Tomorrow is full and busy, as is every other day for the immediate interim until Birth....and Thursday my dear, bosom friend Marite Clifford will arrive! As a frequent traveler, she is often out of pocket (read: out of the USA!) whenever I have a birth; currently she is semi-permanently planted in North Carolina, so I strongly suggested she hightail it out here, since I *am* advancing in age (ahem!) and we don't really know how many more times the Lord might let me do this....! :D I am so thrilled that she will be here to celebrate with us!

...and now I will get off this computer and go pack my suitcase! :) Stay tuned for more blog updates!