Thursday, December 23, 2010

Java anyone???

Hey friends, my friend Marye Audet-White is offering a giveaway over at her blog
She is reviewing the new Tassimo Brewbot, and they let her keep the one they sent her! BETTER YET, they told her to give one away on her blog, WOO HOO!
SO, I am telling you about it, NOT because I want YOU to win it, lol, but rather because blogging about it here gives ME another entry! ha! :)
Tis 'the season to be selfish, right? ....oh wait......


I just ran into a friend I hadn't seen in awhile in Aldi (yes, I am crazy enough to go to Aldi 37 weeks pregnant 2 days before Christmas!). She asked me if I am still blogging......since I had been mulling this over already, I told her it had been awhile, but I was intending to renew my blog in the immediate future.

Imagine my shock when I logged in to realize that it has been OVER A YEAR since I blogged anything at all.....YOWZA! There's so much to talk about, too......

So, here I am again, for anyone who is following. :) I will try to add stuff here at least weekly!
Stay tuned immediately for the next post about a wonderful coffee-machine giveaway!
Merry Christmas!