Sunday, December 9, 2007

If at First You Don't Succeed.....

I am so happy tonight!

My dear friend from another list had her VBAC today! It is her 5th baby, and her 4th child was a truly emergent c/section (one of the few!) because of the threat of cord prolapse due to polyhydramnios (sp?). She emailed this morning a bit after 7:30 that she was having regular contractions and hoped it was the Real Deal, and her baby was born at 12:28 p.m.!!!


I am sooooo relieved for her that she VBACed successfully. I guess part of ME is always really NERVOUS, having had FOUR stinkin' c/sections---and two of those were CBACs!

I'm wondering if there is a mental block for those of us who have never had a vag birth?Do you think that it presents a different challenge? Does the fear of the unknown hang us up somehow???I mean, my friend KNEW she could do it, because before her c/s she had successfully pushed out three babies.

I don't know if I'm making sense.....
I'm not even pregnant right now, but I think about this EVERY DAY.
I wonder EVERY DAY what will I do next time?
I question my past births EVERY DAY, and analyze what I might do differently next time....

Then I deal with all those around me who blindly (ignorantly?) schedule their inductions, not realizing or maybe not admitting that it GREATLY increases their chances of surgery. A friend of my mom has a pregnant teenage daughter who plans to induce her baby next week if it hasn't come by her due date!!!!! I am so appalled. That young woman could be changing her entire birthing future, having NO IDEA what her life holds down the road, how many babies she might have, or how many surgeries she could end up with because TODAY she is an impatient teenager who want to have Christmas pictures with her newborn.....I surely wish that *I* had never scheduled that induction with my first pregnancy!!! Four surgeries later, here I am moaning about it at midnight like a war veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!!!
I really should stop ranting and GO TO BED! I think that's the best idea.......

At any rate, I am surely REJOICING for my friend Chelsey----welcome to the world, Baby Noah!!! Happy BIRTHday!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Laughing all the way, HA HA HA!!!

My children were busily writing letters for Language Arts assignment today. We have several people we needed to encourage (namely a nephew in the Army, currently serving in Iraq!). As they wrote, they frequently asked questions about spelling and grammar.

Patrick asked, "Mom, do we always capitalize the word 'Christmas'?"

"Yes, always!" I answered. "Can you guess why?"

The twins both answered in unison, "Because of His name, 'Christ'!!".

Always curious, Patrick had a new question: "Do we capitalize 'merry'?"

Again I said, "Yes, usually we do."

"OH!" he said, nodding in understanding "because it's his MOM's name, right?"

I couldn't help it. I cracked up! heehee