Saturday, May 31, 2008

Funny Money!!!

This evening, I was preparing to change Rachael's diaper. As I begin to "unwrap" her, I chuckled to myself. My mom's husband, Larry, was in the kitchen.

"Lar, come here and look quick!" I said. He came right over, and I pulled down the top of Rachael's diaper to reveal the "hidden treasure"----a shiny quarter pressed down into her abdomen, just below her belly button, under the diaper! "That's her latest trick," I explained. "She's been putting coins in her diaper all week."

He laughed, too, and said immediately "Now THAT'S what I call a 'private investor'!".


Dori said...

She started her savings plan early! Didja get a picture? You could scrapbook that!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! If you start missing the change and bills from your purse, you'll know where to look first. Heehee!

austingirl said...

What a great story!