Friday, July 18, 2008

Sibling rivalry, in utero! haha

The children all love it when they can finally start feeling our new baby kick within me. I have been feeling it for a long time, of course, but it's only been in the past few weeks that "outsiders" (outside of my body, haha!) can feel it.

Jason (3) was standing in front of my chair talking to me a few days ago, and I felt the baby moving around. I said, "Jason, put your hand right here! do you feel that?" He said, "yes!". I said, "Do you feel that, too?" and again he said, "Yes!" and then he asked, "What is that, mommy?". With a big excited smile, I anwered, "It's our new baby kicking you!".

Jason said, "Oh." He hesitated a moment, and then asked "Mommy, WHY does our new baby want to kick me??!".

There is just no end to the amusement around here! :)


austingirl said...

He is too cute!

NaomiLynne said...

that is so very sweet! Jason is adorable! I think feeling the baby move is one of the best parts of pregnancy.