Monday, July 28, 2008

"Voice" recognition??? haha

I have a very dear friend, since college, who is hard of hearing. Her name is Patti, and we have kept up with each other regularly in the (gulp!!) TWENTY years we have known each other; 17 years of communication past graduation. Quite an accomplishment!

Patti knows and loves each of my children, and they also love and admire her in return. Currently residing in Colorado, we are all excited that we will get to see her next week on our Big Adventure Out West!

I was talking on the phone to Patti a few nights ago, and Matthew entered the room. Always inquisitive (read: nosy!), Matthew asked, "Who are you talking to, Mom?". He then paused, and said, "Oh, never mind! I know it's Aunt Patti---you are yelling!!".

HAHAHAHA! I shared this story with Patti and she got a big kick out of it! ;)
See you soon, Patti dear! Three days until we are Colorado-bound, woo hoo!


ShaggaBear said...

A big adventure out west?? Do tell all! Tell Patti I said Hi and give her a hug from me. Who else will you be visiting?

have fun!

NaomiLynne said...

how cute! praying all the details work out for your trip later this week!

Java said...

Hey, I'm a bit slow when it comes to saying Hello and stopping by but I get there eventually. I love the family pic in the side bar!!

Leslie said...

Hey Tanya, how are you. It's great having friends you've known for so long. So many memories to reflect on and many more to come!

How are you feeling these days? I'm sure if I see you in co-op this year, we'll both be looking a lot different LOL said...

Hey! I enjoyed your post on the QF digest, and headed to your blog to learn more about you. :) (I am SO nosey, aren't I!?!)

Anyway, enjoyed reading up a bit (although, it's late.. so I really should be in bed...).

(Ps- good advice on the "tomato staking"... I love that website & their advice. Good, godly stuff.)