Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's boiling! :) heehee

Okay, so sometimes I guess we just need to TRUST GOD. Period.
He IS good, all the time. Period!

It was confirmed by sono tonight that my dear Baby is HEAD DOWN!
I am sooo relieved and overjoyed and excited!
SOOO grateful to the Lord for His tender mercies.
For 24 hours I have been having much more intense contractions, and now I know it's because Baby's little head is doing its job! :)
THANKS to everyone for your prayers and encouragements and support.
I can't wait to post our successful non-surgical BIRTH story!
Now let's pray for the Lord to start labor this week before Baby gets wiggly again, haha!


Nikki said...

Oh Tanya!!!! I'm praying, praying praying fervantly for you!!! I am so excited and trusting in absolute faith with you that this baby will be your 1st of many VBAC's. After having just been through the whole birth thing only 6 short days ago you are heavy on my heart and mind and I'm checking in for news. God is indeed so good! I am so glad your wee baby has turned. Of my twins my Baby B managed to turn from breech to vertex to breech again at 39 and 40wks! I'm believing and praying that your baby is head down for good in preparation for the big birth day! The Lord has His hand on your sweet baby and it is even more evident now as your baby turns and readies for birth. I'm waiting with impatiently as you are, I think!

NaomiLynne said...

Praise the LORD!!!! We have been praying so hard for this baby to turn,and continue to pray for a successful VBAC delivery!!! God is so good!Have a great day!

Java said...

waiting waiting waiting for the big news!!