Sunday, December 21, 2008

Updates on the Shoplifter

Okay, first of all, let me say that I printed the wrong thing in my last post, when I referred you back to Natalie's previous trouble with lying---it wasn't the post I mentioned, it was an incident from last February, and the post was called, "Liar, liar!"---THAT was when she told half the church that her daddy had died and her mommy was pregnant (the month before I was---as one friend said, maybe Natalie is prophetically gifted, HA!).

The trip back to Great Clips was okay. I was a little disappointed that the shop manager didn't make a bigger deal about it, but they were very busy at the time we returned, and she was in the middle of cutting someone's hair, so she probably felt distracted. I did make Natalie pay for the chapstick, and she did not get to keep it, she had to give it to Mommy. There were a bunch of people in the shop, too, and we stepped back from the front (my goal was NOT to humiliate her!), but I'm sure most of them figured out what was happening.

I am not really sure how seriously Natalie took it all. I know that it's "normal" for children to do stuff like this, and test limits, and see how much they can actually get away with....I just want so badly to be sure I am reaching their hearts! :)

Here is a sweet photo of my Natalie and her new baby brother. Aren't they cute? :)


NaomiLynne said...

what a sweet pic of Natalie and her new little brother. Congrats on closing the chapstick case....just keep planting those seeds of truth in her... they will grow.

Kimberly said...

You are reaching their hearts mama! They just might not let you know it for many years. :) Then they will tell YOU how to do the right thing!

Milford House said...

I remember when I was between 4 and 6yrs old being out with my mom in a grocery store. I so badly wanted some chocolate covered malt balls out of the bulk bin, but mom said no. So I waited until she wasn't looking and then snatched one or two balls out and ate them. I was being naughty, and I knew it, but for some reason I just did it anyway. I bet she's more of an actress than naughty. She probably feels real bad about it, but puts on an act like it's funny. Don't forget to reassure her a lot that you love her no matter what.

Daniel is more like 3mos in size than 3wks! When are we going to hear a birth story?