Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brotherly Love

This morning as I nursed the baby, Rachael was standing close to my chair, still in her pajamas, looking adorable (as usual!). She was also wanting to nurse, so I was making attempts to distract her (she turned 3 three weeks ago, and was supposed to wean, but that is another blog post! For memory's sake, go back to my 2007 posts and re-read about Jason's weaning, sigh!).

Matthew was sitting in the rocking chair across the room. I whispered, "Rachael, go over there and give Matthew a big hug!". She immediately wrinkled up her face as if she had just bitten a sour pickle and said, "What for?"

Trying not to laugh, I said, "Because he's your brother and you love him!" and she covered her little mouth with her hand and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot that!"


Christina said...
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Christina said...

Sweet Rachael! You are too precious!

Christina said...

sorry for the deleted comment, did not know it was going to show as deleted. I deleted it because like always I misspell your sweet girl's name and wanted to get it right for once!

Sunflowermommie said...

That is so cute.


NaomiLynne said...

How adorable! Thanks for sharing that story. Its nice to see you here again. Hope you had a great day!