Monday, November 26, 2007

"..and the Conscientious Mom Award goes to--!"

My sweet girl, playing with things MEANT to be played with!!! heehee

Okay, this may not sound as funny READING it as HEARING it, but I hope I can adequately communicate the scenario.

This evening, I was home alone with Rachael briefly while Scott drove the other four children to the church to Royal Rangers/ Missionettes. I have a favorite chair in our den, that has a nice big matching ottoman, which is where our babies usually end up getting diaper changes.

Just after everyone left, I changed Rachael's diaper, and then I just laid back in my chair while she played for a few minutes around the ottoman. She bent down and picked up what I thought was a rock Jason found a few days ago that happened to be shaped and sized just like a matchbox car. She played with it, put it on the ottoman, played with it some more...

....meanwhile, I was thinking to myself "Wow, I sure can smell that diaper I changed! I guess I'll have to take out the trash...didn't think it would be so strong!".

Just as this train of thought progressed, I continued watching Rachael playing with the rock, and suddenly it broke in half! I sat up in shock that she could break apart the rock, only to realize that my daughter was PLAYING WITH A PIECE OF POO-POO that had fallen out of the diaper while I was changing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don't know what else to say!
You never saw a baby's hands get scrubbed so fast!
I antibacterialized EVERYTHING in sight!
I emptied the trash!
...and then I realized how HILARIOUS this was and fell apart laughing until I cried. Of course Rachael joined me belly-laughing, which made it even funnier, because SHE had no idea with what she had been playing!!!

Just thought I'd dispel any thoughts of anyone nominating me for "Mommy of the Year" in 2007. Better luck next year! ;)


ShaggaBear said...

That is hilarious! Abby picked up dog poop in the yard when she was little. Thankfully it was hardened enough not to be too gross!

NaomiLynne said...

i love reading your funny stories! thanks for sharing!

The SAD Addict said...

You need to write more often, because you have such fun children! That's right up there with Shannon Randolph's story of her daughter chowing down on the corn-poop straight out of the diaper!! LOL!

Jamie said...

ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!! OH man, that is a funny one!

Ceci said...

That is a funny story I can't imagine though... being a rookie mom I think I would have puked, I am still grossed out by diapers and they aren't even that bad yet (or so I hear!)

By the way I had no idea you were a blogger, i'll have to come back and read your posts.